All we need is a Match

by Leafter

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First full E.P. from the Isreali doom metal trio "Leafter:"

- Slava Melnik - Vocals
- Sagi German - Bass
- Yaron "Arny" Nir - Drums


released December 18, 2016

We'd like to thank Itamar Abuhatzira, our friend and crime buddy for recording our evil plans to destroy humanity!
-Feedback Studio Beer-Sheva-

Arny (our drummer), is the dude responsible for our hellish sound so you should sacrifice a goat for him!

Mastered by artificial intelligence.

Artwork by Slava.

Of course, thanks for those who gave this trip a try.



all rights reserved


Leafter Be'Er Sheva, Israel

Leafter is a heavy doom trio from south of Israel.

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Track Name: All We Need is a Match
Lay back and watch
With just one match
I'll set it all afire
Reset this world
And peace at last...

A tide of chaos cast a shadow upon our world
In this burning land, life gave up its role
And somehow it seems better then before
A satisfying feeling, that I cant ignore
Primitive, barbarian, un-civilized
Smile while you burn, on the alter of lies!

There's no hope..
Track Name: Wall of Fire
While waiting there to die
Buried in the sand
A shadow of a man
Holes where once were eyes
Became a home to flies
All spawns and parasites
A mouth that has no lips
Has melted into a grin
Grotesque and with no teeth
Skin has all burned out
Yet there is no pain
There is nothing there

Still somehow, barely, breathing this inferno's air
While the soil is claiming me back

Before exploding, my eyes have seen everything
Hungry walls of fire with a thousand mouths
In seconds flesh has turned into ashes
A field of black monuments of screaming human-beings...
Track Name: Desert of Bones
I've stepped on a skull.
So fucking lost,
In a desert of bones.

Piled for years,
Being grinded by time.
So many memories
Of friends of mine.

Now sing along with the choruses,
Of a million tortured voices
For those who had no choices
While drowning in a sea of corpses!

A wasteland of death,
That's all that's left,
Of this beautiful home,
We used to call Earth.
Track Name: Never saw this day
You never saw this day
Her life just slips away
From between the fingers
Of your shivering hands.
Without no remorse
Only laughter of faith
All ideas, we had to create.
Escape reality
And the cruelty
Of this terrible end
That we have yet to see.
And now, so hopelessly
We fall down to our knees
So fragile,
While begging "please!"

Death's eyeless stare from under his hood,
Standing there, where she once stood,
Ancient sith goes for the neck,
Her short, borrowed life, must get back.

And he leaves the room ignoring the weeps
Leaving you empty and you drink yourself to sleep
But long sleepless nights became sleepless mounts
And the void is being filled by habits that bring you down.

Death visits again!
Track Name: This once rich Land...
What is this place ?
Controlled by this race
A parasite that have sucked all the blood
Out of this once, rich ground
Now turned upside-down by a swarm of decay
That came here to stay and take all they can
For this is the true nature of men.
Raping this mother while they have no other
The ugly sons of so many fathers.

Spawn from a blessed womb
Dragging this world to a long dug tomb
But you're a fly, stuck to your own human net
There is a giant spider that built this web
And you are dead...